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Beyond Business Consultants

Our people are the very essence of what sets us apart and makes us unique. At Percipio, we are not just a collection of talented business experts; we are a group of fascinating individuals who come together as one cohesive team. We cherish the relationships we build, as they are at the heart of everything we do.

Joining our company will surround you with people who inspire and motivate you, providing unwavering support for your personal and professional growth and development. Our culture fosters an environment where everyone cheers for each other’s success through true collaboration and client-centricity, creating a holistic sense of belonging and unity.

If you embrace challenges, thrive on thinking outside the box, and deeply value having a supportive team by your side, we want to hear from you! We are always on the lookout for experts who bring fresh and innovative solutions to the table, all while being part of our close-knit team. If our culture resonates with you, then let’s talk!

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Core Values

Be Authentic

We are true to our values and confident in our abilities, individually and as a team. We deliver on our promises with integrity, creativity, passion, and humility, maintaining an open and honest dialogue with our clients and each other.

Exceed Expectations

We earn the trust of our clients by going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Our dedication to excellence and focus on our clients’ success makes us a reliable and trusted partner.

Build Lasting Relationships

At the heart of our values lies a commitment to building enduring connections. To do so, we strive to always do the right thing, prioritizing honesty and respect for every client and team member.

Encourage Growth

We foster a climate and culture that enable us to learn, develop, and achieve our personal and professional goals. Our collective growth is nurtured through continuous support, encouragement, and a collaborative spirit, ensuring that every individual can reach their full potential.

Embrace Diversity

We are our best when we embrace the unique strengths, backgrounds, and experiences of every employee, and create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. Embracing diversity and creating an inclusive environment allows us to harness the full potential of our team and drive innovation and creativity.

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People are everything

At Percipio, we are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. Here, every individual is not only welcomed but is also wholeheartedly valued as an individual and an integral part of our team.

We believe in the power of every voice and embrace all perspectives people bring from their diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Factors like place of origin, gender identity, race, culture, and sexual orientation enrich our team, sparking creativity and innovation. We are always looking for ways to provide our people with ample growth opportunities, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Most importantly, we prioritize respect and recognition of each other’s humanity in everything we do. Our team stands together, supporting and lifting each other, creating a truly inclusive and compassionate environment that fosters success and fulfillment.

"We founded Percipio to be a more effective alternative to the traditional business consulting model, focusing purely on results and eliminating fluff and pretense. Over 20 years later, I’m proud of our track record of hundreds of successful projects."

Tim Bergler, Founder


We take care of our employees and their families by prioritizing work-life balance, a commitment that is embraced by everyone at Percipio. We make sure our team members have the time to recharge and pursue their other priorities and interests, not just focusing on work.

To support our employees' overall well-being, we provide benefits such as paid time off (PTO) and parental leave, employer-paid medical/dental/vision coverage, 401k matching, employer-paid long-term disability insurance, employer-paid life insurance, a mass transit allowance, a technology allowance, and a robust training and development allowance.

At Percipio, our employees have the freedom to shape their career paths based on their interests and expertise. This can involve advancing in their current role, taking on increased leadership responsibilities, or exploring new roles that align with their skills and passions.

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Positions at Percipio

Percipio Consultants ensures outcomes for our clients that exceed expectations while representing our firm’s legacy of the highest quality project delivery and client relationships. Each Consultant plays a key role at the firm, ensuring their contributions impact clients’ success and support their Percipio team members.

While our team members deliver exceptional results for our clients, they also support the development of our organization through internal contributions and by participating in our connected and collaborative team culture. Consultants at Percipio have a history of project delivery excellence along with knowledge of commonly used project management methodologies.

Consultants also demonstrate subject matter or service line expertise. They are experienced in high-quality execution in areas such as change management, technology enablement, process design and mapping, supply chain, operations, risk advisory, and more.

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Awards & Recognitions

Percipio is honored to be recognized year after year as one of the best places to work in our region as well as one of the region’s fastest growing companies. We focus on creating an open and supportive culture where our team members can safely be their authentic selves while pursuing their passions - knowing their Percipio team has their back. Percipio team members are not just incredibly talented professionals but all-around wonderful people who make our firm, each other, and our clients better.

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We treat your goals as if they were our own and work alongside you every step of the way.

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