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Strategy & Execution

A winning strategy is nothing without flawless execution. When you're striving for a competitive edge, adapting to regulatory climates, or optimizing operations, you need alignment, passion, and commitment at all levels of your business.

Break Through Barriers

You don’t need to slow your pace to establish a foundation that scales and aligns the strategy with the cultural and budgetary realities of the organization. Let your team focus on keeping the momentum going while Percipio works in parallel to provide the structure, processes, and leadership to seamlessly support your efforts to build the business of the future.

From ideas to outcomes, Percipio has decades of success guiding teams through successful transformations.  We work directly with organizational and program leadership to ensure you have the right strategy in place, and then guide your team through each of the steps necessary to translate strategic ambitions into operational realities.


Strategy Development & Alignment

We assess your goals, culture, strengths, capabilities and external factors to help you achieve a long-term competitive advantage that drives sustainable growth. Our collaborative approach builds the buy-in, conviction and alignment necessary to bring your Vision, goals and objectives to life.   ​


Annual Planning

We partner with your organization to translate longer-term strategic goals into executable plans that create focus, coherence and success on an annual basis. By working across the organization, we can ensure the plan has the operational and budgetary support needed to ensure its success. ​


Program and Project Leadership

Our consultants drive your mission critical initiatives while helping your team build the capabilities necessary to take ownership for the changes into the future. We ignite your success by combining a robust approach with a strong ability to motivate, organize, and guide your team.​


Process Excellence

We assess, design, and refine processes to deliver  solutions that not only improve organizational efficiency in the near term, but scale to meet the needs of your business in the future. With expertise spanning Technology Management & Operations, Supply Chain & Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Treasury, our team is dedicated to creating a foundation for sustainable success

Common Challenges We Help Clients Address

  • The need to enhance the scalability of the business while maintaining momentum​
  • Previous attempts at transformation that struggle to gain traction​
  • The loss of an innovative edge which undermines continuous improvement and overall business expansion​
  • An overly internal focus that is diminishing the ability to keep pace with the market
  • A Vision that lacks inspiration, clarity and commitment​
  • Lack of alignment that leads to siloed execution​
  • Strategic ambitions that are outpacing organizational capabilities​
  • Great plans that fall apart during the execution and implementation phase​