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Technology Leadership

Your transformation and growth depend on having the right systems and solutions. Let us help you harness the power that comes from the seamless integration of human expertise, optimized processes, and IT infrastructure.

Enable Scale & Growth

It is a fact of life that problems often don’t become apparent until they are urgently in need of a solution. Organizations engaged in technology projects frequently realize that they either don’t have the capacity or the expertise to ensure smooth execution from start to finish. This realization can occur at any stage in the technology lifecycle and often comes when an effort begins to show signs of trouble. ​

Percipio has decades of experience helping clients avoid or address issues and accelerate their way through the tech implementation and adoption journey. We develop a keen understanding of your business so we can deeply understand the problems you are facing.  This allows us to provide tailored solutions and advocate on behalf of the entire organization. Whether we are brought in at the beginning or at signs of trouble, we can help you bring your mission critical technology initiatives to life.


Technology Strategy Design

We engage with business leaders to identify how technology fits within the organizational strategy. We add value at any stage in strategy development from identifying target problems areas that need to be addressed at a strategic level, developing a technology strategy, to validating an existing strategy.


Technology Assessment & Solution Design

We start by evaluating the current maturity of processes, technologies, and the organization. Keeping your strategic goals in mind, we can work with your teams to perform general assessments intended to identify problems or opportunities within the organization. With the strategy and assessment in-hand, we will develop a future state vision and roadmap to achieve your strategic goals.


Technology Implementation

Our highly experienced project teams drive technology initiatives of all sized that support the broader organizational strategy. Our ability to support you with a highly  experienced and fully integrated team ensures your most pressing initiatives deliver the desired impact.


Technology Operational Improvements

Let us ensure your technology team has the right tools to support organizational processes by implementing structures for ongoing, long-term management and responsiveness to business needs. This work often includes training internal teams on Agile and continuous improvement processes, release management processes, governance structures like Product Ownership and Process Ownership, and data quality procedures.

Common Challenges We Help Clients Address

  • Shared services groups are siloed from the core business​
  • Previous efforts to improve processes or technology tools have stalled or failed
  • Key business processes are not measured or measurable​
  • A customer experience that needs enhancements through technology
  • Existing systems are reaching end-of-life
  • Key employees that manage manual processes are reaching retirement
  • Excessive administrative cost or demands for headcount are rising
  • Resource constraints inhibit progress on internal projects